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Facilitated by Jessica Ruby Hernandez, LMFT, E-RYT,
Founder of The Wisdom Well,
and fellow Sensitive.

If you are a burnt-out HSP, Empath, or Introvert struggling with day-to-day life & feeling crushed by the world, I invite you to join me for a non-overwhelming resiliency-building group coaching journey to get you from Struggling to Sovereign Sensitive.

Topics Covered

This is for you if:

* you struggle with overwhelm, overstimulation, and feel like your sensitivity is impeding you rather than empowering you​

​* you constantly feel defeated, burnt out and depleted, no matter what; unable to get ahead 

* you know that you need to create, or seriously upgrade, your self-care protocolsyour hyper-sensitivity is getting in the way of making meaningful connections with others

​* you feel like a sponge for everyone else's crappy energy, which leaves you exhausted after any interaction with other people, so you find yourself avoiding others more often than not​​​

​* you tend to hide your true self from the world because you feel too sensitive, too fragile, and fear judgement by others

​* you're not in touch with who you are because you're so attuned to others/your environment

* ​you're constantly giving to others and ignoring your own needs​

  • And you want...

    * you want to understand and embrace the benefits and "superpowers" of your sensitivity

    * you want to learn new skills and are willing to try on new ways of being in the world to support and empower yourself to thrive

    * you love self-discovery and looking deep within yourself to find your truthsyou are eager to learn mind/body/spirit techniques to help manage stress mentally, physically, and emotionallyyou are ready to be empowered, resilient, and in charge of your life

    * you secretly yearn to put yourself first, and invest the time, money, and energy needed to commit to your own healing and growth....even if it scares you a little bityou want to learn how to protect your precious energy so you're not drained all the time

    * you crave being in a community of like-minded people who are all dealing with and working on the same issues you have; in essence, they understand you

    This is not for you if:

    * you simply prefer to complain about life and stay in "victim mode"

    * you don't want to learn anything new, change any habits, or try on new ways of being in the world

    * you don't believe anything will help you or your situation

    * you've already got the whole "being sensitive" thing figured out and are already thriving

    * you just want someone to listen to your problems, nothing more

    * you're not into mind/body/spirit practices for healing

    * you're not willing to invest in yourself (time, energy, and money)

    * you are not ready to make changes in your life, be accountable to yourself, or participate in the group

    Let's Grow Together!

    If you’re ready to start feeling empowered by your sensitivity, rather than hampered by it, then you want to be in this program!

    It will be LIFE CHANGING!

    I'm so excited to take you on this deep dive to uncover your own unique "masterplan" for thriving as a Sensitive in the world!

    From one Sensitive to another,

    Jessica Ruby Hernandez, LMFT, E-RYT,Founder of The Wisdom Well

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    What's Included?

    * Opening Circle call to set the container + connect to each other before we dive into the well of healing. ($100 value)

    * 12 pre-recorded modules ($1200 value)

    * 12 "sweet seat" group coaching calls ($1800 value)

    * 12 workbooks ($1200 value)Closing Circle Call ($100 value)

    * (1) 30 min individual Exit Coaching call ($90 value)

    * Private Community on FB (or similar) for support, understanding, accountability partners, and lifelong friendships ($1,000, but really priceless)

    * Printable Sovereign Sensitive Manifesto ($25 value)

    Available Discounts

    Early Bird Promo

              Receive a $500 discount + my Inner Quest for Love email course + once a week voxer access to me to answer

    any question you have during the program.

    Early Bird:

    * Must join the Group by 11:59pm PDT on the 31st of December, 2021.




    Please send an email to [email protected] to claim. Scholarship applies to the early bird rate as well.




    * LBTQIA


    To ensure a non-overwhelming and quality “container” for our group,
    it will be limited in number of participants.

    So space truly is limited.

     If you have questions, sign up for a free discovery call to make sure this program is right for you!

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    1. Is this like group therapy, or will you be providing therapy for us since you're a therapist too?

    No, this is not group therapy. It’s a skill-building group coaching program. That means I’ll be teaching a lot and you'll be learning new ways of being that serve you better. There will be time to share your personal experiences/sticking points with the process in group coaching calls, but the focus will be on personal growth in the now, not past experiences. 

    2. But what if I need/want 1:1 support during the group?

    If you need to process your past experiences or your emotions, I highly recommend hiring a 1:1 psychotherapist to help you while you are enrolled in the group. has a great directory, and a California-specific directory is Make sure the person is licensed to provide therapy in the state you reside in. I will not be able to provide individual psychotherapy to you during this group program unless you are already a psychotherapy client of mine and are choosing to do both simultaneously.

    3. How long does this program last and how long do I have access to the materials/videos/handouts?

    This is a 6-month program, and you will be able to download all materials/videos/handouts. Expect to have everything you want to keep forever downloaded by the end of the program. You will be given advanced notice for when access will be closed.

    4. What if I don't like it? Do you offer refunds?

    There is a lot of information given up front about what to expect with this program, and I offer free 15-minute discovery calls to address any concerns and make sure you're a good fit for the program before signing up. So, no, there are no refunds. Please only join this group if you are ready to commit to this type of work + showing up for yourself and the group. When everyone in the group shows up consistently and fully participates, you get the added benefit of group momentum and peer support. Miracles happen. If you are not ready to make changes in your life, be accountable to yourself, or participate in the group, don't sign up for this group.

    5. When is this group happening next?

    Right now I only plan to hold this group once in 2022, starting in February.

    6. When will the group coaching calls happen?

    The group coaching calls will happen every other week, tentatively set for Tuesdays at 1:30pm PST. They will be 60 -- 90 min long.

    7. What if I have more questions?

    You can email [email protected] with more questions.


    "I'm feeling pretty solid now! I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the progression of topics. And I'm so grateful for the other participants and their sharings-I gained a lot from them."

    "The group really helped me, especially with creating a morning routine and clearing at the end of the day. I definitely feel a difference in my energy now. I enjoyed the flow of the program and having time for each topic spread out."

    "I'm so grateful I joined this group, and that it was not too big or overwhelming! 

    I learned a lot from the other members sharing their experiences as well."

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