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The Wisdom Well

Welcome to the Wisdom Well!

Water is a symbol for the emotions that run deep inside each of us. Some emotions are at such a depth that we cannot become aware of them unless we take a deeper dive.

At the Wisdom Well, we’re all about sharing resilience resources and creating safe containers for you to feel ready and able to take this deep dive within yourself.

When we bravely look within our own wells, with kindness, acceptance, and compassion, we are rewarded by finding our own wisdom, sovereignty, and the keys to sustainable happiness.


I call this the Wisdom Well. 


Ready to dive into yours?

Join the Wisdom Well Commuity!


Here's some of what we offer at The Wisdom Well

The Sanctuary Within CD

Dive into the sanctuary of your soul with these 10 guided meditations and visualizations set to the healing musical landscape of didjeridoo and alchemy crystal singling bowls played by renowned musicians Paradiso & Rasamayi.

Radiant YOU!

For so many people, self-care feels like a chore. I want to take the heaviness away and bring back the fun, the silly, and the permission for us adults to play. For kids, everything is a game, so why not gamify our adult tasks? You see, when we make life fun again, we actually want to do "the things," like taking stellar care of ourselves!

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