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Bonus Section:

Bonus EFT Videos


*a 2 min "Intro to EFT" video to explain what to expect

*EFT for Acute Triggers

*Week 8 EFT Tapping for claiming your Sovereignty as a Sensitive

Bonus Meditation Audios

These are all of our weekly opening meditations in a video form. Simply click the download button on the video, and you will be able to download the audio version of the files.

Bonus Yoga Video

This is a stretch and relax Restorative Yoga class, about 70 min long.



Bonus Qi Gong/Energy Awareness Class

This is the replay of our live class that I will delete by 4/30/2021.


Bonus Games

Enjoy 2 Bingo Cards: Self-Care Bingo and Self-Appreciation Bingo. These are a fun way for you to practice various types of caring for and appreciating yourself.



A Resources google doc (updated regularly) with resources for sensitives 

My optimum self-care routine in case you need some inspiration or guidance for creating a stellar routine for yourself.

Bonus Breathwork videos

Here are the extra breathing exercise videos:

3-part Yogic Breath

Mindful Moment Exercises

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